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920/M1: The Most Influential Cow in Australian Brangus

Published 2016

The legacy of a cow resides with the success of her progeny.   With over 81 registered calves, 116 grandcalves, 137 great-grandcalves in 25+ stud herds, and numerous record holders, Ms Center Ranch 920/M1 could claim to be the most influential cow in modern Australian Brangus.

A few of her achievements:

  • 10 of the top 15 highest ranked animals in Australia for 200 Day Weight are her calves.

  • Daughter set new record price for highest selling female in 2009 for a 7 mth old calf for $16,000.

  • Two pregnant recipients sold carrying her embryos in 2009 that resulted in bulls with 122 registered calves.

  • Daughter set new record price for highest selling female in 2010 for $20,000.

  • Son topped Telpara’s Beef 2012 sale at $26,000.  Has 42 registered progeny.

  • Daughter was the first Brangus in Australia to be cloned in 2013.

  • Granddaughter sold for $22,000 at ACBA sale in 2013.

  • Son sold for $50,000 ½ share privately in 2014.

  • Daughter sold for $20,000 ½ share at Beef 2015.

  • Daughter topped ACBA Rockhampton sale at Beef 2015, setting the sale record at $28,000.

  • Granddaughter is one of the handful of AU donors purchased by an American ranch.

  • Son, TH Real McCoy was the first black AU Brangus to sell semen to the USA in 2015.

  • Son, TH Real McCoy is the current #1 Australian Brangus animal for growth EBVs

Still in production for Telpara Hills, this 920 cow family matron was calved at Center Ranch, Centerville, Texas on 28/2/2002.  Center Ranch dispersed and 920/M1 was purchased as a heifer by well-known USA ET technician Trent Wilson of Normangee, Texas as a show heifer for this daughters.

After winning her class at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, 920/M1 was offered for sale to Stephen & Brittany during a trip to Texas.  “When we arrived at Trent’s ET facility a group of 920 ET heifers caught our eye,” Brittany explains.  “We then saw 920/M1 and were really impressed with her natural calf. We knew this cow could outbreed herself and we were right.”

Purchased with a classy Tracker of Brinks heifer, 920S5 on foot, this cow went into Telpara Hills’ USA donor programme in 2006.  She has been an extremely fertile producer of embryos which then achieved high pregnancy rates. To date, Telpara Hills has imported 147 ‘A Grade’ embryos from this female alone.

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