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The Telpara Hills 146 cow family was founded by Greedale U146 and she certainly earned her place as one of our top foundation females. She was a incredibly deep bodied, strong, powerful cow that was highly maternal and feminine as evidenced by her perfect udder structure.  


U146 ranks in the top 1% of the Brangus Breed for all growth traits and milk and has passed her high growth on to her progeny.  Its a hallmark of a 146.   Another trait is the females tend to be productive well into their later years, often producing excellent calves and holding their place in the herd at 15+ years of age.


Her calves are outstanding both in phenotype and in their performance. In one year, U146 sold $80,000 worth of progeny including sales to studs all over Australia.  


Telpara Hills has retained several 146 daughters in our donor program and continue to be impressed by the consistent quality of the 146 family and their explosive growth EBVs.

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