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The 541 Cow Family is the biggest at Telpara Hills for good reason.  They have been outstanding overall, for type, fertility, and performance. 

For those who love to study pedigrees, the 541 Cow Family is a treasure trove full of outstanding animals over many generations.  They are the gold standard.

The 541 family at Telpara Hills is derived from 2 females:  Ms Brinks Milky Way 541E4 and Miss Brinks Heavy Duty 541E7

541E4 Line:

Our first 541 female purchased was Miss Brinks KO 541L41, a full sister to New Era and Captain of Brinks from the 541E4 line.  She passes to her progeny the 541 family traits of muscling, fertility and milk.  She proved herself as an outstanding embryo producer for Telpara Hills, producing some of our top sire prospects as well as our stunning donors Telpara Hills Miss Csonka 541D9 and Telpara Hills Miss Sundance 541D1 and 541D6.  


Her dam, 541E4, is a maternal powerhouse of the breed.  She has produced many AI sires and front end sale bulls.  541L41 sire, KO of Brinks, sold for US$49,000 a huge price in his time.  He is well documented to be a leader as a calving ease specialist, IMF and scrotal circumference.  KO daughters work very well with power sires and are the kind to stay in good condition and breed back annually.


Daughters and sons in this line continue to excel at Telpara Hills and we will continue this line far into the future.  Telpara Hills Miss Csonka 541D9 is perhaps our most famous donor and comes from this line.  She is the dam of the record-smashing $110,000 Telpara Hills Van Damme 541H30 bull, the first Australian cow in modern history to sell embryos to the USA, and the dam of many daughters we have retained.


541E7 Line:

The 541E7 branch of this family traces back to Miss Brinks Heavy Duty 541E7, a Camp Cooley Cow that was purchased by Mound Creek and began their 541 family.

Our 541E7 line began when Telpara Hills purchased 541R2 at the Mound Creek 2007 sale.  She was an extraordinary first-calf heifer with incredible mass and overall dimension. Tracey Holbert, herd advisor for Mound Creek Brangus and many others, described 541R2 as “the deepest, heaviest ribbed female in the sale with a pretty udder design and plenty of skeletal substance.”  

Telpara Hills went on to purchase two more 541 females in this line, this time from the Camp Cooley Ranch dispersal.


Ms Brinks Angelo 541P42 was a beautifully balanced female, combining power and performance while still maintaining femininity.  Her daughter 541S7 was one of Camp Cooley Master breeder Ken Hughes’ pick heifers at the dispersal.

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