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At Telpara Hills, we have always understood and appreciated the role of cow families in successful breeding. This concept was used in the  Angus breed since its beginnings and today in the most prominent cattle studs across almost all breeds.


Very simple in its design, this method has enabled diligent studstock breeders to consistently identify certain genetic traits associated with individual cow families.


All females are named and branded with the number representing their cow family.  This number is given to all females born tracing back to the original female.   For example, all progeny of Miss Backside 468P6, a member of the famous “468” cow family, will carry the 468 brand on their hip followed by an identifier that is unique to the individual animal.


Due to years of intense selection for performance traits, top cow families produce lines that are highly predictable and profitable.  We have handpicked females from top families abroad and have chosen a few select females here in Australia to become the original female of her own family.   Further reading: Article from the IBBA on Cow Families in Brangus

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