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Our very first overseas purchase was a 468 cow and along with the 541 family, they have dominated the Telpara Hills herd.

Across the board 468 animals are deep and functional with a tremendous amount of eye appeal.  The cows put everything into their calves and continually produce bulls and females that are showstoppers.  The Telpara Hills 468 family is comprised of some of the best of this incredible family.

It is interesting to note that the 468 cow family is a very large family in the US and is compromised of two distinct branches descended from two extraordinary matrons; Miss Brinks Hotline 468D2 and the other from Miss Brinks Cadence 468G15.  Because of this we decided to split the family, creating a separate line from the descendants of 468G15 - the 15 Cow Family.

On our first tour of the USA Brangus herd as a family back in 2005, we were fascinated with the cattle that Camp Cooley Ranch was producing.  Home of the Brinks herd, they had developed Brangus to outgrade even Angus on carcase quality and had the style and substance that we appreciated.  We were able to purchase our first female from the master breeder of Camp Cooley, the great Ken Hughes.  JAK Miss Backside 468P6 was a magnificent, extra deep, well muscled female who will be remembered as one of the greatest Brangus cows in history for the legacy she created at Telpara Hills and in Australian Brangus breed.

We later purchased another USA donor from the same line, Miss 4JR Amigo 468D2 U.   Even as a first calf heifer, she was one of the standouts in their tour around the US’ leading Brangus studs with her virtually perfect phenotype, excellent udder, and beautiful heifer calf at foot. 

There are many highlights in this family including two near-sisters who sold in 2016 for $41,000 and $37,000.

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