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The date is set for 2021

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For Australia's biggest private selection of Brangus Bulls & Females


It all starts with having good cows.  Actually, GREAT cows.

If you want to do your homework on our pedigrees, this is a treasure trove of information.


Using Artificial Insemenation is one of the most cost effective ways to get started or continue to improve or genetically expand your herd. 

We can help you with that.




In everything we do, we focus on being the best.  We've fought hard to create the one of the most impressive cattle herds in the world, and have been a driving force in the rise of the  Brangus and UltraBlack cattle breeds in Australia and beyond.

The reason is simple.  We work the cattle ourselves and demand excellence from them.  We focus on:

  • Functionality/ Fertility: Cattle must be structurally sound and fertile and able to adapt to harsh environments.  

  • Efficient Production of Kilograms: Cattle must eat less to gain more in a shorter amount of time.

  • Carcase Quality: Producers should be paid more cents per kilo on a grid for better yield, marbling and muscle.

Located in Far North Queensland on the picturesque Atherton Tablelands some 1000m above sea level and 150km south west of Cairns, Telpara Hills is currently being managed by Trevor, Maureen, Stephen and Brittany, and Fiona who are responsible for the day to day stud management and cattle fattening operations of 1800 head on tropical pastures in a high rainfall environment.

Telpara Hills realizes the relevance performance recording and providing their clients with as much information as possible in order to select the most appropriate bull for their cow herd. Discerning, modern bull buyers can no longer be expected to purchase bulls on phenotype alone. We use tools such as ultra-sound scan data and estimated breeding values (EBVs) which are proven to directly correlate with high performance cattle, and ultimately, greater profits for bull buyers.


We have, and will continue to search the world for the best genetics and make them available to our clients both here in Australia and overseas.


Main Location:

10323 Kennedy Hwy, Upper Barron, QLD 4883, Australia

Bull Block (by appointment only):

157 Marnane Road, Tolga, QLD


email: info@telparahills.com.au

Stephen Pearce: 0439 532 132

Fiona Pearce: 0439 774 309

Brittany Pearce: 0417 755 896

Maureen Pearce: 0418 987 541

Landline/Trevor Pearce: 07 40 950 262

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