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Trevor and Maureen Pearce, Angus National, Willy Boy L21 Fiona Pearce and Magnum

Telpara Hills strides to provide the best possible beef genetics to both seedstock and commercial buyers.  We breed unique Brangus and Charolais will perform in three key areas:

Telpara Hills stud was first established in the Adelaide Hills in 1964 and has achieved an incredible level of performance and show successes over the years; firstly with stud prime lamb sire breeds then secondly with stud Angus cattle over the 1980s until the mid 90s.


After a break of ten years Telpara Hills has returned to the seed stock side of breeding with Brangus and Charolais genetics.

Located in Far North Queensland on the picturesque Atherton Tablelands some 1000m above sea level and 150km south west of Cairns, Telpara Hills is currently being managed by Trevor, Maureen and Stephen who are responsible for the day to day stud management and cattle fattening operations of 1000 head on tropical pastures in a high rainfall environment.

Ironically the return of stud stock breeding by Telpara Hills arose from economic need within their cattle turn over business where the lack of suitable genetics can prove extremely costly and frustrating.  Aware that animals bred from their past Angus sires still in their AI tank after 10 years were greatly out performing locally available fattening stock, the Pearces decided to return to breeding better quality bulls.

Telpara Hills realizes the relevance performance recording and providing their clients with as much information as possible in order to select the most appropriate bull for their cow herd. Discerning, modern bull buyers can no longer be expected to purchase bulls on phenotype alone. We use tools such as estimated breeding values (EBVs) which are proven to directly correlate with high performance cattle, and ultimately, greater profits for bull buyers.

We have, and will continue to search the world for the best genetics and make them available to our clients both here in Australia and overseas.

Equally important to breeders as a whole will be the introduction of bulls with known carcass data because after all it is paramount that cattle producers not only focus on the amount of product that they produce, but also on the eating qualities of the meat produce that is driven by consumer demand.

The beef industry is giving very clear signals to producers that carcass qualities of meat are to become increasingly initial factors in pricing structures of the future.  Telpara Hills has breeds the type of cattle that are poised to raise the bar of the Australian beef industry.

Our numbering system explained.

We use the common USA Cow Family codes as a quick way to ID full pedigrees in the paddock.

Understanding the USA Numbering System.pdf