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Bulls tend to get all the credit for the success (or failure) of their offspring, but great cattle producers know that the cow makes all the difference.

Getting the bull side of the equation is relatively easy.   Of course, you must be careful with your selection, but a bull can pass on his genes to a lot more calves than a cow.  Either by natural mating or by use of semen in AI, one bull can make a big impact.

If a cow can only traditionally produce one calf per year, it makes it very hard to replicate great female genetics.  Embryo transfer creates opportunities to create a herd based on the best possible foundation of female genetics combined with the best bulls.

Telpara Hills sets itself apart as we are capable of:

Able to collect from our Australian or USA donor herds

Telpara Hills only produces embryos that are of an extremely high standard.  We only sell embryos we would use ourselves.  

Telpara Hills can utilize sires that may be otherwise unavailable

Uniquely export accredited

Pregnant recipients are available on a very limited basis

We collect year-round therefore embryos availability is constantly changing.  Please contact us for a current listing or a custom collection.  

Upon availability, Telpara Hills is sometimes able to assist with artificial breeding.  We treat your cattle as if they were our own and they enter into programs along with our herd, which is conducted year-round with the help of Dr. Ced Wise.  

We are capable of:

Artificial Insemination

Embryo Flushing

Embryo Implantation

Donor Management