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The Telpara Hills Charolais program was introduced and designed to enhance hybrid vigour for our clients and compliment our Brangus genetics and the Bos Indicus cow herd based in Queensland.

Our Charolais are based entirely on imported embryos from North America and are truly “different by design” from other Charolais and European based genetics.  

Charolais as a breed have been noted worldwide for tremendous weight gains and meat yield, yet Telpara Hills Charolais offer these traits and MORE.

This MORE factor is the result of heavy selection pressure to produce naturally polled Charolais combining growth and maternal performance with high rib eye area (REA), fat cover, and marbling.  Calving ease has also been dramatically improved.  

Telpara Hills Charolais incorporate genetics from leading North American herds such as Camp Cooley Ranch, Eatons, Wink, Hoodoo, De Brucker, and Lindskov-Thiel.   This was accomplished by purchasing embryos from Camp Cooley in 2007.

We, at Telpara Hills, are focusing heavily on carcase attributes.  Like our Brangus, we have established our herd with Charolais that will add kilograms, muscle and dollars to Australian producers’ bottom lines.

It was not only the carcase attributes of these particular Charolais that caused Telpara Hills to invest in them; but also their ability to handle harsh environments including extreme heat and parasites, feet and legs designed to cover big country, natural polledness, easy doing-ability and fat thickness, plus the essential criteria of calving ease through reduced gestation length.  They are efficient, slightly more moderate, and often less coarse than full French genetics.

Talk to us about how this exciting new line of Charolais can help you succeed and earn more dollars from your stud or commercial herds.